Traffic cops have soft spot for Chandigarh says Jagmohan Garg

Every one of us have our most loved areas in Chandigarh and the activity cops are the same. They have this weakness for Sectors 1 to 6.

Just that can clarify why they never set up any drink-driving checkpoints in these segments, home to the Chandigarh Club, Lake Club, Golf Club and Chandigarh Golf Association other than the visitor places of the two state legislatures of Punjab and Haryana and the MLA inn, in the initial eight months of this current year.

Chandigarh-construct NK Garg unearthed this chunk when he conjured the Right to Information (RTI) Act to get data about the drink-driving challans from January to August this year. The cops were delicate on the Sukhna Lake also, setting up only two nakas, both of which demonstrated productive with 16 challans for driving affected by alcohol on August 18, and 11 on the most recent day of that month.

Too far out STRETCH

The cops were likewise content with laying only one naka each on the Sector 7/19 separating street (Sec 7 side) regardless of the abundance of eateries and bars in Sector 7. The main time they set up a naka on the Sector 8/18 separating street (Sector 8 side) and the Sector 9/10 partitioning street (Sector 9 side) was on Holi, and that day too they experienced a mental blackout.

This, we expect, may have stopped them from setting up any further such nakas on this area near the alleged VIP areas.

The three extends that got a great deal of consideration from the movement police incorporated their own particular terrace, the street behind the Police Lines, Sector 26, where they laid 32 nakas in eight months with 203 challans.

The most extreme number of 35 nakas were set up out and about separating Sectors 20 and 33 (on the Sector 20 side) where the cops took 230 ‘lively’ drivers to errand.

The 33 nakas on the Sector 16/17 partitioning street (Sec 17 side) were additionally very effective, yielding 272 challans. “That is along the normal lines, given the prominence of ahatas and bars in the downtown area,” Garg reasons.


In the event that the position of the nakas means that the utilization of alcohol in territories around it, their timings mirror the upbeat hours in the City Beautiful. On the off chance that the numbers are to be trusted, the Chandigarhians down their beverages early. The nakas set in the vicinity of 8pm and 10 pm yielded 1,169 challans, the most extreme in a schedule vacancy. The 9 pm-11pm nakas were not half as advantageous with a negligible 612 challans.

Strangely, the greatest of 116 challans on a solitary day were recorded not on Holi, the celebration devoted to hues and Bacchus, however on the most recent day of August , influencing doubters to think about whether it had anything to do with challan targets.

Holi ended up being very momentous with 89 challans amid the day between 8 am and 4 am, the main daytime challaning drive amid the initial eight months of this current year in the city.


The extend where the movement cops got the most extreme achievement was the street isolating Sectors 23 and 36 (Sector 36 side). The cops challaned 298 people for drink-driving on this street from January to August. Garg is bewildered by the high number, considering the area. “It’s not a territory where there are numerous bars however it is dabbed with instructive establishments. I ponder who are the general population drinking and driving on this street?”


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