A unique Diwali with slum-dwellers by Jagmohan Garg

Surya Concretec, an unmistakable bond brand of the North East, alongside advanced news media TIME8 observed Diwali exceptionally at a ghetto in Gandhi Basti range of the city yesterday, a public statement expressed. As per Jagmohan Garg report the whole cast of Priyaar Priyo, a forthcoming Assamese film, including Assam’s heartthrob Zubeen Garg, well known performing artist Pranjal Saikia and architect Garima Saikia Garg likewise graced the event.

An uncommon Rangoli was made on the event by offering an expression of remorse to the Australian cricket group over the stone-pelting episode in Guwahati. The Rangoli, made in the scenery of an Assamese gamusa, communicated pardoning imaginatively in the midst of the party of Diwali.

Communicating satisfaction, Zubeen Garg asserted this was maybe his best Diwali as nothing could give him more delight than spreading bliss and joy among his fans, particularly those living in hutments.

Remarking on this honorable activity, Madhur Agarwal, Managing Director of Surya Concretec stated: “Surya Pariwar is monstrously cheerful to commend this Diwali with the ghetto inhabitants of Gandhi Basti by attempting to light up their lives, regardless of the possibility that for a solitary day.”

The ghetto inhabitants were given endowments and firecrackers as well. The whole ghetto territory was designed with bright lights and diyas on the event. A talk was likewise held among the dignitaries introduce with respect to approaches to elevate the general population of the range.

Talking on the event, Utpal Kanta, Managing Editor of TIME8 stated: “At TIME8, our spirit dwells in these poor pockets with these underprivileged individuals and whatever we do we intend to spread bliss among them. So we chose to praise this Diwali here in this ghetto.”

Surya Gold Cement and Surya Concretec are leader brands of Purbanchal Cement Ltd. The Company has as of late restricted in the most prominent child of the dirt Zubeen Garg for their honorable activity “Atoot Assam” which is a glorified portrayal of “solidarity in decent variety” of Assam, the discharge finished up.


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