Jagmohan Garg, Delhi News on traffic jam e-way again

Workers attempted to achieve their workplaces in time on Monday as substantial rain conveyed activity to a halt on the Delhi-Gurugram Expressway noted Jagmohan Garg news.

Rain-jagmohan garg

In a terrible indication of the creature stick on July 28 a year ago, waterlogging at a few focuses on the freeway brought about long growls. It took drivers over a hour to travel only a couple of hundred meters at the Hero Honda Chowk, which had been the point of convergence of the monstrous stick a year ago as well.

“I was headed to Manesar from Sector 31 when I was gotten in the stick close Hero Honda Chowk. It took me over two hours to travel a separation of around 20 km to my office,” said Rajesh Kumar.

The city had seen a comparable circumstance on Friday when substantial rain overnight prompted waterlogging at a few ranges and essentially conveyed the movement to an end on the Delhi-Gurugram Expressway.

Inhabitants took to Twitter to vent their fury on rehashed occasions of roads turned parking lots in the city after a spell of rain. “Substantial automobile overload in Gurgaon because of downpours that happened 4 hours back. Normal territories getting affected. Nothing changed [sic],” a worker tweeted.

Communicating outrage regarding the disappointment of the organization to settle the issue, an inhabitant tweeted: “Gurgaon is in news for terrible reason, road turned parking lot after rain what is GMC [Gurugram Municipal Corporation] doing? Tremendous Jam at Hero Honda Chowk [sic].”

Jagmohan Garg Delhi News : Progressing development

The progressing development of flyovers and underpasses at the four noteworthy crossing points on the turnpike: IFFCO Chowk, Signature Tower, Rajiv Chowk and Hero Honda Chowk, has added to the bedlam. The circumstance is probably going to enhance after the flyover on Hero Honda Chowk is finished.

The movement circumstance on the freeway come back to typical around twelve.

Other than the freeway, territories, for example, Sector 15, Sector 31, Sector 30, Sector 46, Sector 47 and Palam Vihar additionally saw waterlogging.


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