Farmer leader meeting in Delhi : Jagmohan Garg News

Jagmohan Garg Delhi News: Subsequent to squeezing the state government for a credit waiver, agriculturists are currently wanting to sort out a dish India disturbance to pressurize the Union government to execute the suggestions of the 2006 Swaminathan Aiyar commission.

jagmohan garg new delhi

Pioneer of Swabhimani Shetkari Sanghatana and MP Raju Shetti said ranchers’ pioneers from all states the nation over will be meeting in Delhi on June 16. “We are in contact with agriculturists from different states and have chosen to meet in New Delhi on June 16. All the significant associations speaking to agriculturists will meet up and talk about the system to spread the disturbance all through the nation in the meantime to pressurize the legislature to acknowledge our requests,” Shetti said. Maharashtra government a week ago consented to postpone off advances after ranchers began a fomentation for the same.

“Advance waiver to ranchers was the initial step of our tumult and we have accomplished it. Our subsequent stage is to make the Union government execute the suggestions of the Swaminathan commission. This incorporates least bolster cost at half above generation cost,” Jagmohan Garg News included.


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