The earthquake struck at 4:27 am in New Delhi : Jagmohan Garg

A seismic tremor of 5.0 extent struck Delhi and abutting ranges of National Capital Region (NCR) early morning today, as per India Meteorological Department Jagmohan Garg said.

The seismic tremor tremors were felt crosswise over Delhi NCR and parts of north India, after two medium force shudders hit Haryana.

earthquake-generic_jagmohan garg

The principal seismic tremor struck at 4:25 am and had its epicenter close Rohtak in Haryana. The tremors gone on for almost one moment.

The epicenter of the main tremor, measuring 5.0 on the Richter Scale, was Rohtak locale in Haryana, said the Center for Seismology under the India Meteorological Department, detailed the Press Trust of India.

Jagmohan Garg says the seismic tremor started at a profundity of 22 km.

The second tremor of 3.2 force was felt at 8:13 AM at a profundity of 10 km.

There are no quick causalities detailed as though for the time being as per Jagmohan Garg investigation.


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