Jagmohan Garg News: PWD Scam in New Delhi

Three FIRs Filed against Kejriwal in Delhi PWD Scam notify by Jagmohan Garg.

arvind-kejriwal-jagmohan garg

Three separate First Information Reports (FIRs) have recorded against Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal and others in a charged PWD trick.

This turned out after the Anti Corruption Branch (ACB) made introduction to a delhi court on Friday noted by Jagmohan Garg News.

PTI announced that Metropolitan Magistrate Abhilash Malhotra likewise coordinated the Assistant Commissioner of ACB to evaluate the danger recognition on the complainant Rahul Sharma at the end of the day after he educated the court that two obscure bikers as of late discharged shots at him.

The court was educated that three FIRs were enlisted by ACB all alone on May 8.

The court said that the FIR held up in connection to the current assault demonstrates that there were not kidding danger to the security of the complainant and coordinated the ACB to document a status cover June 8 in such manner.

The court was hearing a grumbling recorded by Sharma, originator of Roads Anti-Corruption Organization (RACO) looking for bearing to police to hold up a FIR against Kejriwal, his brother by marriage Surender Bansal, proprietor of a development firm, and an open hireling for claimed abnormalities in the allow of agreements for streets and sewer lines in Delhi. Bansal has since passed away.


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