Jagmohan Garg Delhi highlghts a kids on traffic duty

On Saturday morning Jagmohan Garg noted that, an energized group of 25-30 school understudies were seen overseeing movement close to the India Gate and Rashtrapati Bhavan. This was a piece of an activity by the Delhi Traffic Police to instruct understudies about movement standards.

jagmohan garg delhi traffic

To prepare school understudies in street wellbeing, the Delhi Traffic Police is sorting out a mid year camp at the Traffic Park in the capital. The camp, which begun on May 15, will proceed till June 9 and is separated into four bunches. In this camp, each group of understudies will be given seven days in length preparing.

Jagmohan Garg said the cops disclosed to us that they have two fundamental plans initially, to urge youths to persuade their folks to take after activity standards, and second, to check underage driving, a reality that has prompted a sharp ascent in mishaps in the capital as of late.

As a major aspect of the activity police’s drive, understudies from Delhi man the movement close to the Rashtrapati Bhavan with cops (BCCL/Ranjit Kumar)

‘Father bolte hain ki Rs200 fine de do aur niklo’

Discussing how their folks spurn activity standards, Raju Mishra, a Class VII understudy, stated, “With regards to disregarding movement rules, I think not simply us, but rather our folks are to blame, as well! My senior sibling is only 15 years of age, yet he has a bicycle and even takes mother to the sanctuary when she asks him to. He can’t have a driving permit, without a doubt. They don’t give me a chance to ride the bicycle, standard abhi toh woh bhi chhota hai. I won’t let him ride now and I will call the activity police in the event that he doesn’t hear me out.” Another understudy, Neeraj Sharma, a Class IX understudy, stated, “My dad drives quick and believes that he can escape with speeding just by paying fine! Unimportant daddy bolte hain ki Rs200 do aur niklo. The main thing I told my dad in the wake of experiencing the movement preparing was, ‘Daddy rules todna chhor do’.”


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