Delhi boy tops AIIMS entrance exam noted by Jagmohan Garg News

Likewise secured seventh rank in PGIMER test; thanks family for “unequivocal” support

Delhi kid Dr. Pawan Goel was headed to Chandigarh take the MD/MS placement test at the Post Graduate Institute of Medical Education and Research (PGIMER) when the news broke.

“I became acquainted with that I had topped the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) postgraduate selection test. I was cheerful, yet chosen to take the Chandigarh exam in any case,” says Dr. Goel.

jagmohan garg AIIMS_

He again turned out without a hitch, securing the seventh rank in the PGI entrance test. Dr. Goel is currently booked to go to the directing session at AIIMS on June 5 and begin his course on July 1. His territory of specialization is inner pharmaceutical.

‘Dream work out as expected’

“It’s a blessing from heaven,” he says.

Dr. Goel is an alum from Maulana Azad Medical College and finished his tutoring from Jaspal Kaur Public School in Shalimar Bagh. He beforehand secured the 64th rank in the Delhi pre-medicinal placement test. In 2016, he finished his temporary job.

His voyage, in any case, hasn’t been simple.

“I generally needed to wind up noticeably a specialist. The first occasion when I showed up for the AIIMS test in November a year ago, I didn’t get my coveted branch. Thus, I worked harder and took the test again in May,” he says.

Dr. Goel, whose father is a physiotherapist, credits his prosperity to his family.

“I thank my family, particularly my grandma, for indicating unrestricted confidence in me,” says Dr. Goel.

Formula for achievement

He additionally passes out tips for AIIMS applicants.

“The inquiries are simply idea based. Consequently, a sound learning of the standard course books is useful,” he says.

Things being what they are, how could he praise his outcomes? “I had a heavenly supper at an eatery with my family,” he includes.


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