Uber & Ola strike failed why? By Jagmohan Garg

What labored for two weeks in February bubbled out even before beginning on Tuesday. The re-keep running of the Ola-Uber strike hit a block mass of sorts as the drivers this time organized their pending EMIs over an aggregate challenge call notify Jagmohan Garg Delhi News.

jagmohan garg_strike

Two months prior, Pradip Rawat, an Ola driver, missed out on procuring almost Rs 30,000 when he joined the strike sorted out by Ola-Uber drivers’ union Sarvodaya Drivers Association of Delhi (SDAD). The challenge, he asserts, did not build a rupee in his day by day taxi gaining, but instead worried him with a time of unpaid auto portion.

“My profit have quite recently started to get ordinary after that strike and not the slightest bit would I be able to bother that by participating in today’s (Tuesday’s) challenge. I need to nourish a group of five and pay for credits. Not working notwithstanding for a day implies missing out on Rs 1,500 at any rate,” he said.

Jagmohan Garg highlight with no powerful open transport framework, the strike that occurred in February had about injured the general population of Delhi-NCR which has just about 1.5 lakh of these autos handling on the streets.

“Our drivers endured a considerable measure on the money related front. We ought to have given a couple of more months a chance to pass and afterward reestablish the development. This was most likely too early and improvised,” said Ravi Rathod of SDAD.

Numerous drivers like Krishan Dev were not by any means mindful of the challenge this time. “I became more acquainted with about it toward the evening. Last time we had got messages and flyers were circulated,” Dev said.


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