Jagmohan Garg says Delhi parks safe enough or not?

The capital’s parks seem to be turning into dens of criminals after sunset. Be it the double murder at Japanese Park four days ago, or the rape of a woman at Deer Park in February, or the Buddha Jayanti Park rape case of 2003, little seems to have changed in terms of security says Jagmohan Garg investigation.


Park guards usually leave by 6pm. Police say that routine patrolling is conducted, but sources reveal that men in khaki seldom go inside parks, especially after being accused of misconduct several times.
Nevertheless, senior officers have suggested regular night patrolling to keep out the rogue elements. Having police posts or pickets around the parks at night may also help.

On Thursday, when TOIvisited the Picnic Hut stop and addressed the nursery workers, they said they couldn’t prevent anybody from entering without being thrashed. There are four doors to the recreation center, all of which are mostly shut. A structure amidst the recreation center is a center for medication addicts and drifters as the day progressed.

Be that as it may, even policemen can’t generally stop hostile to social components in parks. Jagmoha Garg news also added a couple of months back, a cop was whipped for attempting to prevent a gathering of young people from bugging a young lady.



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