Jagmohan Garg highlights delhi beautiful roadmap by Congress

Jagmohan Garg says  the Congress plans to launch an awareness campaign to ensure 100 per cent segregation of waste, implementation of solid waste management rules, and setting up of ‘mini compost plants’ in residential areas.


The draft, titled ‘Clean Delhi, Breathe Delhi — a draft guide for aggregate sanitation arrangements’, is the second in a progression of vision records which the Delhi Congress is exhibiting for open counsels.

“In the event that the gathering wins, it will make the metropolitan companies independent in two years and create Delhi as the cleanest and most delightful city on the planet,” Delhi Congress boss Ajay Maken said. The top need in the wake of winning the MCD surveys, Maken stated, will be installment of duty, including Rs 1,563 crore unpaid debts to sanitation laborers and regularization of brief staff.

Assaulting both the BJP and the AAP, senior gathering pioneer Jairam Ramesh said more than 60,000 sanitation laborers were not paid pay rates on time even as the decision BJP at the inside is advancing Swachh Bharat, and Delhi is managed by the AAP, which has the “sweeper” as its image.

According to Jagmohan Garg, the Congress arrangements to dispatch a mindfulness battle to guarantee 100 for each penny isolation of waste, usage of strong waste administration principles, and setting up of ‘small scale manure plants’ in neighborhoods.


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