Big fraud with Nepalese woman in Delhi says Jagmohan Garg

Jagmohan Garg Nepalese woman pushed into prostitution by Facebook friend on promise of ‘good career’.

jagmohan garg news_facebook

Days after a young lady from Jaipur was protected from the grip of her asserted significant other, who had a go at offering her, a Nepalese lady has now approached with a comparative experience.

In both the cases, the claimed traffickers had utilized Facebook to bait them to come to Delhi on the appearance of employment and marriage. The Nepalese lady was called to Delhi keep going December on the affection of occupation and pushed into prostitution.

Almost six months back, the 23-year-old lady who hails from Lumbini – the devout zone in Nepal – had met a man named Bunty Rajput on Facebook. In the wake of building up a virtual relationship, she asserted, Rajput guaranteed her a decent profession opportunity and requesting that her come to Delhi.

Jagmohan Garg delhi news updates here:


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