Uber driver harasses woman in Delhi: Jagmohan Garg

A Uber driver mimicked as a client mind official over telephone to dissuade a lady traveler from recording an objection against him for purportedly annoying and stalking her amid a ride from Delhi to Gurgaon on Wednesday highlights Jagmohan Garg.

jagmohan garg car strike

As per Jagmohan garg news the lady rushed to speculate that the individual at the flip side of the telephone was not a Uber official. She affirmed her doubt by requesting that her companion dial the number she had gotten the call from.

She then took to Facebook to portray her experience and attract Uber’s thoughtfulness regarding the charged provocation and the driver’s endeavor at pantomime.

It appears the driver had a go at calling her and acting like an official. We have proposed police help and support in the matter, as the rider may regard fit,” said the representative. The lady, in any case, had not moved toward the police at the season of recording this report.

The lady works with a private firm in Gurgaon and lives in south Delhi’s Mehrauli. A customary Uber client, she had booked a taxi for office on Wednesday morning.


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