Jagmohan Garg talks about old delhi great sorrow

Over the top deferral in Shahjahanabad redevelopment venture is prompting to ‘additional spending’ and cost acceleration, authorities have evaluated.

Jagmohan Garg said that the channel built on the northern carriageway to cover utility links underground has immersed with muck. Delhi’s open works office had spent crores of rupees to develop this tube, which has been lying revealed since its fruition in 2014.

The nodal officer of the venture, named by the Delhi High Court, has issued headings to the division to investigate the matter and present its report.


A senior authority of the Delhi government said that work on the pipe had ground to a halt since December 2014. This has permitted the mud to stream into the pipe since it was not secured.

The area does not have a storm water drain. Rain water flows with the sewage. As the duct was left open after its construction without any provision to prevent it from flooding, mud has slipped into it. The problem of sludge in the already laid duct on the northern side of the road will be resolved by the PWD. This will certainly add to the cost of the project. These are just some of the repercussions caused by the delay,” said Jagmohan Garg Delhi.


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