Jagmohan Garg delhi Safdarjung Hospital condemns transfer of trauma patients

Jagmohan Garg talking about two to five patients in critical condition die every week while being transferred to Safdarjung, a source at the institute told Mail Today.


Rahul Rai (27) is a trauma patient in urgent need of surgery. He went to AIIMS, but a doctor there referred him to the neighbouring Safdarjung Hospital. After facing an off-putting response from the institute earlier, Rahul’s cash-strapped family moved him to a private hospital nearby for swift treatment.
But he had to be finally shifted to Safdarjung again, where he is striving to get proper care. Safdarjung Hospital authorities blame the “unwanted dumping of trauma patients” by other city-based medical centres, including the country’s premier healthcare institution – AIIMS.
Rahul is not the lone trauma patient forced to shuttle between medical institutes in the city. Delhi government hospitals and the AIIMS trauma centre are referring at least 50 trauma and emergency patients to Safdarjung without even informing the hospital’s chief medical officer (CMO).

Jagmohan Garg delhi updates: http://indiatoday.intoday.in/story/delhi-safdarjung-hospital-aiims-trauma-patients-transfer/1/890401.html


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