Jagmohan Garg news on Two cave-ins at Connaught Place

Jagmohan Garg says two cave-ins at Delhi’s Connaught Place have exposed chinks and sent authorities into tizzy.


Two collapses at Connaught Place have uncovered chinks in the decades-old business center point and sent experts into a tantrum. In any case, with the weight on its structures expanding with each passing year, finding a settle for CP is no simple undertaking.

“CP was initially not intended to keep going this long,” says noted student of history Sohail Hashmi, calling attention to that the business focus was intended to have an existence of around 60 years.

Against the scenery of two collapses in a limited ability to focus, says the structures were not intended to convey the weight they have been subjected to. Rather, the ground floor should fill in as a mall, and the main floor as homes.

Jagmohan Garg says so what was a space for around four to five individuals (on the main floor) is presently possessed by eateries or workplaces with 250 individuals.


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