Jagmohan Garg delhi, Metro looks to get things back on track

Visit obstacles, particularly on the Blue line, have provoked Delhi Metro boss Mangu Singh to by and by audit support of the system and issue a progression of guidelines. On Sunday, DMRC turned out with a rundown of measures that it is taking to keep away from repeat of obstacles noted Jagmohan garg delhi.


Anuj Dayal, boss representative, DMRC, said that because of higher recurrence of tangles, the MD took supply of “the whole support prerequisites”. Dayal included that the upshot of the meeting was not just a recharged concentrate on the essential inconvenience range — flagging — additionally other specialized issues that had been affecting the productivity of the 213km system. A couple days prior, a Metro official had that the issues couldn’t be avoided. He had said there would never be any Metro framework with zero obstacles.

To begin with, Metro is planning to cut down “aggravations” on Blue line (Dwarka division 21-Noida/Vaishali) with the establishment of another gadget. Jagmohan Garg said Pivot counters, which recognize passage and exit of trains and can tell if the segment is clear for another prepare, are probably going to be introduced at all starting focuses on Blue line. These will be introduced at Dwarka, Dwarka segment 21, Yamuna Bank, Noida City Center and Vaishali. “This will help limit unsettling influences.”


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