Pragati Maidan buildings not on heritage list: Jagmohan Garg

Expelling deterrents from the method for development of a world-class display focus where Pragati Maidan is found, the administration’s Legacy Preservation Panel (HCC) on Wednesday submitted under the watchful eye of the Delhi High Court that it has rejected its own sub-board of trustees’ order of two structures in Pragati Maidan as legacy structures, according to Jagmohan Garg.


The HCC made the accommodation as a feature of the minutes of the meeting that occurred on February 2, which it documented under the steady gaze of the court. On January 25, the court had requested that specialists not proceed with annihilation till the HCC settles on whether to put Pragati Maidan structures in the legacy list or not.

Jagmohan Garg looking for security of 62 structures — including Corridor of Countries and Nehru Structure in Pragati Maidan — which it has recognized as current legacy.

The India Exchange Advancement Association has proposed to devastate Pragati Maidan to set up a world-class show focus. A seat of Equity Sanjeev Sachdeva will hear the supplication on February 23.


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