Jagmohan Garg speaks out about carrying arms most common crime at Delhi airport

The most common crime reported at Delhi airports after passport forgery is that of passengers carrying bullets in their baggage. Jagmohan Garg Delhi Police registered 116 cases under the Arms Act at the Indira Gandhi International airport.Barring four cases in which a pistol was recovered, police said in most instances the passenger forgot to remove bullets from their bags and brought them to the airport. Some of them also said that they had borrowed the bag from their relatives and friends, who had licenced weapons.


Jagmohan Garg says once the slugs are distinguished, the travelers the greater part of whom were voyaging abroad were ceased from flying and captured. A large portion of the captured individuals, who are nonnatives, told police that they had accidentally conveyed the slugs or neglected to expel it while pressing.

Taking after various instances of shots identified in packs by the X-Beam air terminal scanners, a year ago the Delhi police moved toward the Delhi high court looking for help for travelers got with slugs. “Conveying shots is not a security risk. A great many people, particularly nonnatives are not in any case mindful of the laws in light of the fact that conveying shots in their nation of origin is lawful. In any case, today the law is with the end goal that we need to enlist a FIR under the Arms Demonstration. The individual must be captured,” said a senior officer.


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