Jagmohan Garg talks about AAP govt and Delhi education

Instruction is one division in which the AAP government is attempting to make a stamp. To such an extent that instruction was the principle topic at the current year’s Delhi scene at the Republic Day parade. The administration highlighted its model schools and the super parent-instructor gatherings (PTMs).

Hindustan Times takes supply of the AAP government’s hits and misses amid its two year spell in the field of training and examinations its decision guarantees.


Not able to discover land to assemble 500 “new” schools it guaranteed two years back, the Delhi government is developing “new” classrooms in existing schools to build enrolment.

Jagmohan Garg speaks about they developed 8,000 new classrooms. One school has around 80 classrooms, so successfully there are 100 new schools. Some new schools have been developed. In 2014-15 there were 1,007 schools and now we have 1,024.

He said they discovered 29 plots for new schools and authorized another 10,000 classrooms.

Jagmohan Garg also said the core of the guarantee was that more understudies would have entry to quality training. “With the new classrooms, more understudies will have the capacity to get school training.”

However, the administration educators’ affiliation tested the cases. General secretary Ajay Veer Yadav stated, “Rooms have been developed yet in an impromptu approach to expand the quantity of classrooms. Many schools still keep running from tin sheds,” he asserted.


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