Jagmohan Garg Delhi news on auto strike from Monday

Jagmohan Garg speaks out about after Ola, Uber, autos may go on strike from Monday too.


The driving misfortunes of workers may increment from Monday with taxicab drivers debilitating to venture up their unsettling and auto-drivers wanting to dispatch a comparative strike against portable based taxi aggregators.

Many taxicab drivers on Friday organized a challenge against taxi aggregators Ola and Uber at Jantar Mantar and debilitated a greater strike from Monday if their requests were not met.

The drivers requested that tolls for rides be expanded from the current Rs 6 for every kilometer, which is far lower than Rs 16 for each km (for aerated and cooled taxicabs)— the base admission recommended by the Delhi government for radio cabs.

Jagmohan Garg also highlighted president of the cab driver’s statement; their fares are lesser than auto rickshaws which charge Rs 8 per km. They also have to pay 25% commission to the company. They are left with only around Rs 5,000 after that. Monday is going to be the biggest strike ever by cab drivers where no commercial taxi would be allowed to ply.


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