Jagmohan Garg talks about 30-year-old thrashed in NW Delhi

He was found unconscious near a road by passersby who informed police as per Jagmohan Garg delhi news. A 30-year-old man was brutally beaten up by a gang of men in a road rage incident in northwest Delhi’s Rani Bagh on Sunday.

Kamalkanth told cops that he was heading to Keshav College in Sant Nagar when the incident occurred. Around 11.20pm on Sant Nagar road, he stopped his car to let another vehicle pass. Soon, there was a scooter and a bike honking behind him. He motioned to the riders to wait while he started the engine but to no avail. The riders overtook him and stopped in front of his car, blocking the way.

Jagmohan Garg news said he maintained serious wounds on his arms and head, which could’ve been lethal had he not been admitted to the clinic on time.

Kamalkanth remains with his family at Nilambar Apartment in Sainik Vihar and is a consultant.


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