Jagmohan Garg, Delhi Chandni Chowk decongestion hits a wall


Jagmohan Garg shares that after eleven years, a few court requests and two initiations later, the driven venture to decongest and pedestrianize the notable Walled City showcase stays on paper.

When endeavors are being made to make Connaught Place a no-vehicle zone, the city’s first venture to pedestrianize the notable Chandni Chowk market is yet to see the light of the day. Eleven years, a few court requests and two initiations later, the execution of the arrangement remains a puzzle. The modified point by point extend report (DPR) has proposed checking vehicular development in the daytime- – vehicles would be permitted from 9pm to 9am just – however it’s yet to be endorsed.

As per sources, absence of political will, lack of foresight, assortment of specialists and steady tussle between the state government and the enterprise have defaced the venture, went for decongesting the bustling market.With the Delhi Metro set to operation erationalise its Heritage Line, specialists say that footfall in the range will build complex. “Yet, the market is not prepared to take the expanded load.Ever since the venture was imagined, government offices have ceased routine undertakings to overhaul the framework,” said Sanjay Bhargava, secretary of Chandni Chowk Sarv Vyapar Mandal.

Jagmohan Garg Delhi News here: http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/delhi/chandni-chowk-decongestion-hits-a-wall/articleshow/57031681.cms


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