Jagmohan Garg highlights earthquake felt in Delhi-NCR

Jagmohan Garg says Earthquake hits Uttarakhand, tremors felt in Delhi-NCR.Seismic tremor tremors were felt in Delhi-NCR and Uttarakhand at around 10:30 pm. It went on for 30 seconds.


The epicenter of the shudder was Rudraprayag region in Uttarakhand, said J L Gautam, Operations head at the National Seismological Bureau, a unit of Ministry of Earth Sciences.

“The profundity of the shudder was 33 km and it happened at 10.33 PM,” Jagmohan Garg said.

Uttarakhand, which falls in the Himalayan belt, is known for high seismic exercises.

Tremors were felt crosswise over Punjab, Haryana and their regular capital Chandigarh additionally after which many individuals hurried out of their homes.

Instantly after the quake, Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed authorities and took load of the circumstance in different parts of North India.

“PMO is in contact with authorities in Uttarakhand. I petition God for everybody’s security and prosperity”, Modi tweeted.

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal additionally tweeted “I appeal to God for everybody’s security”.


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