Jagmohan Garg delhi highlights new bulletproof jackets

As per Jagmohan garg these jackets are not just outdated but also heavy, weighing around 11kg a piece and also adding that it was extremely difficult to put on these jackets for hours.

jagmohan garg delhi-police-constable.jpg

Police magistrate Amulya Patnaik is accepted to have issued directions to officers for giving top need to cops’ security. The division is relied upon to finish the acquirement by April, Jagmohan Garg said.

The coats being purchased are of level 3+, which will shield the cops from projectiles discharged from weapons like AK rifles, sten automatic rifles, MP-5, carbine and Insas. The new vests are probably going to cost around Rs 1 lakh each. The current ones were purchased for Rs 40,000 each.

Clarifying the components of the new coats, an officer said they were water and flame resistant. Indeed, even presentation to ultra violet beam leaves no effect on them. The vests will be accessible in “additional substantial” size separated from expansive and standard sizes. Last February, TOI had revealed how a 90,000-in number police drive was making do with just 300 impenetrable vests.


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