Jagmohan garg highlights new colour of delhi metro


Jagmohan Garg Delhi Metro is coming up short on hues and how.

The capital’s most supported open transport system is scouring the palette for six new lines which should be shading coded, authorities of the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation told HT.

The nine existing lines of the Delhi Metro – utilized by an expected 30 lakh suburbanites every day – is recognized by an alternate shading, a strategy used to help individuals recollect their ride effortlessly.

“We incline toward shading coding as it is anything but difficult to recall. We will give unmistakable hues to new lines that are coming up. We have a designer division which will think of the new hues to be designated to these lines,” a DMRC representative said.

Jagmohan Garg delhi news updates here: http://www.hindustantimes.com/delhi/pink-blue-yellow-all-taken-delhi-metro-running-out-of-colours-for-new-lines/story-TVEyGWLe3rASh2Wrp0hWbJ.html


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