Jagmohan garg delhi news on woman throws 2-year-old son from first floor in a fit of rage


A stunning CCTV film has developed demonstrating a 26-year-old lady diverting her two-year-old child from a staircase from the main floor of her home in an attack of fury. The episode was accounted for from southeast Delhi’s Pul Prahladpur territory on January 24.

Taking after a protestation from the child’s dad, Nitin Gupta, a representative, the police have enrolled a case under Section 308 of the IPC (endeavor to submit blamable crime) against the lady, distinguished as Sonu Gupta.

The recording got to from two CCTV cameras introduced inside their home shows Sonu sitting on her bed, battling with her in-laws, while her kid, Anshu, was resting next to her.

As per Jagmohan Garg the lady is seen getting insane. She tosses things around, gets her tyke, goes to the staircase and perplexes him. Her in-laws then go down to spare the tyke.

Jagmohan Garg Delhi news here: http://www.hindustantimes.com/delhi/delhi-horror-woman-throws-2-year-old-son-off-staircase-in-pul-prahladpur-cctv-footage-shows/story-fNfr1NTLfj4uJbz4HKOBuO.html


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