Jagmohan Garg Delhi temperature drop continues


Jagmohan Garg says while the maximum temperature in Delhi-NCR is likely to hover around 17 degrees Celcius, a respite from the biting cold is unlikely this week as the weatherman has predicted temperatures to go as low as 3 degrees Celcius.

A cold wave gripped Delhi and NCR as the minimum temperature on Thursday morning dropped to 3.4 degree Celsius — the lowest on this date in five years.

Jagmohan Garg said, “The temperature was recorded at 8:30 am and it is the coldest January 12th in since 2012. If we look at the record season-wise, it’s the second coldest day as January 6 in 2013 it had plummeted to 2 degree Celsius.”

While the most extreme is probably going to drift around 17 degrees Celsius, a relief from the gnawing chilly is far-fetched for the current week as the meteorologist has anticipated temperatures to go as low as 3 degrees. “Friday’s figure for least temperature is 3 degree Celsius. On Sunday the base is probably going to go up to 8 degree Celsius,” the authority included. The stickiness on Thursday swayed in the vicinity of 100 and 54% while the capital was wrapped in shallow to direct mist.


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