Delhi has worst air quality in the country; Jagmohan Garg


According to Jagmohan Garg, the report has Delhi on top with PM 10 concentration of 268 micrograms per cubic metres, followed closely by Ghaziabad, Allahabad and Bareilly in Uttar Pradesh.
At least 14 cities, mostly in south India, meet the national air quality standard.

The rundown of 20 most contaminated urban communities in the report, “Airapocalypse — appraisal of air contamination in Indian urban communities”, is, in any case, altogether not the same as the discoveries of a few others distributed by the legislature and other universal associations. This could be on the grounds that the creators needed to get information from RTI for about 48 urban communities out of the 168 evaluated.

The report likewise tosses light on territories that were not broadcasting live contamination radar by any stretch of the imagination. It highlights how upwards of 94 urban communities recorded yearly midpoints of higher than 100 g/m³ when the national yearly PM 10 standard is 60 g/m³; 13 urban communities and towns had a yearly normal of more than 200 g/m³ — more than three circumstances the standard. These incorporate urban areas in the Indo-Gangetic fields, known to be to a great degree contaminated, and puts like Jharia, Kusunda and Bastacola in Jharkhand, situated close coal mines.


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