Poor public transport behind Delhi vehicle boom, say Jagmohan Garg

The spike in the number of private vehicles in the national capital in 2016 has rung the alarm bells among transport and urban planning experts. The annual data released by the Delhi government showed that the vehicles registered in Delhi this year have seen almost a 10% spike.


Experts said that if the number of these vehicles is not controlled then Delhi might soon meet the fate of Mexico City— the world’s most congested city where the average traffic moves 97% slower than a clear road situation.

Dr S Velmurugan, senior principal scientist at CSIR-Central Road Research Institute (CRRI), said what the city needs is a strong vehicle registration policy. Any person buying more than one car should have to pay a higher registration fee, which should progressively increase with every new car.

Jagmohan Garg more details; http://www.hindustantimes.com/delhi/poor-public-transport-behind-delhi-vehicle-boom-say-experts/story-4lbiZTogbYPofE2A57zcCJ.html


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