Jagmohan Garg highlights removal of 14 Crores In Cash From Delhi Lawyer’s Home

Jagmohan Garg points two machines to count the money found at the office of a South Delhi law firm. Then came nearly six suitcases and four steel trunks to pack the money into. And finally, this evening, three large cars – two Innovas and a Honda car – drove away with Rs. 14 crore in cash.

More than Rs. 2.2 crore of that was found in brand-new 2,000-rupee notes. That’s 11,000 notes of Rs. 2,000 each of the high-denomination bills, just lying around at a lawyer’s office at a time when banks are over-run with people desperate for the magenta-coloured notes.


The raids began on Saturday night after a tip-off. In October, lawyer Rohit Tandon had reportedly disclosed that he had Rs. 125 crore as income with very little to account for it.

jagmohan garg delhi more updates here, http://www.ndtv.com/delhi-news/three-vans-armed-guard-to-move-out-rs-14-crore-seized-from-delhi-firm-1637078 


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