Jagmohan Garg News;Regions around Delhi contribute to its pollution

The regions surrounding Delhi contribute significantly to the pollution in the national capital, which should be tackled in order to solve this problem, an expert said on Tuesday.
“Only 30 per cent of pollution in Paris is due to the factors in Paris. The fraction that is locally produced is actually 10 percent. In Delhi also most of the pollution does not come from Delhi but regionally … A lot of things do not come from Delhi itself,” said Andre Prevot, an expert in aerosol at Switzerland’s Paul Scherrer Institute.


Aerosol is a very fine particle of liquid and solid suspended in gas that causes pollution.
Prevot was speaking at a conference on aerosol organized at the Physical Research Laboratory here.
On the problems of pollution in Delhi, Prevot told PTI that burning of crop stubble in the neighbouring states caused significant pollution after Diwali.

Jagmohan Garg News updates here; http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/home/environment/pollution/Regions-around-Delhi-contribute-to-its-pollution-Expert/articleshow/55841451.cms


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